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Musician in band earth. Folklore/History/Occult enthusiast, especially about British Isles.

it has been awhile….

extensive touring since september has led me to neglect my blog of late, hope to get back in the swing of things. earth toured australia, new zealand and japan, and drcarlsonalbion toured the uk in october, beginning in colchester and … Continue reading

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drcarlsonalbion and ‘virtual’ hackney lass show…

july 13th did first show playing some of the hackney lass material. lost my luddite membership card, used a laptop(horrors) with the lovely miss knights voice and some beats backing tracks, played guitar live to it. unfortunately miss knight was … Continue reading

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the hackney lass, miss rosie knight…

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completed 2 new recording projects…

finished 3 songs, 2 for touch 7″ and track for comp for 400th anniversary of pendle witch trial. drcarlsonalbion and the hackney lass (miss rosie knight) 7″ a side is ‘hackney iliad’ and the b side is ‘tyler’s hand of … Continue reading

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back in former colony…

recovering in seattle from long journey in albion and some other locations. special thanks to rosie, peter and marie, penny and andrew, simon, edwin and jill, chris, andy and mr.o, lauren and louis, tim, the south bradford scouts, opie, and … Continue reading

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fairie’s chapel, healy dell, lancashire, uk…

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