Guitarist in Earth for 22 years. Founding member, main songwriter. Will be working on solo album exploring interests in the folklore and history of cunning-folk of the british isles and sottish and english fairy faith. Also started a blog about same. 43 years old.


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  1. purlygrrrl says:

    Hi Dylan– you asked about my novel on my blog– sorry about the broken link. It is available here in various formats. http://www.lulu.com/product/paperback/the-desperate-ones/6073052 Thanks for bringing that to my attention.

    • no problem. thanks for being the first reader of my efforts, and i wouldn’t have ended up here if i hadn’t been trying to read/comment on your blog(we should come up with a better word for it). DRC

  2. primea71 says:

    Hi Dylan, Look forward to Angles/Demons #2 & solo album. Am curious as to what Dimarzio p-ups are in your tele’s, is it the “fast track T”?

    • Thanks, not really a technically/or earth oriented ‘blog’, but here goes:depends on which tele, my favorite(road 1) has the fast track T w/duncan lil’59 in neck position, that’s the one I did the angels/demons 1&2 with. My thinline(72 reissue) has super distortion T and super distortion hb neck, my esquire reissue has tone zone T and duncan pearly gates neck. Squire classic vibe has duncan lil’59 T and lil’59 neck. Although I am increasingly inclined to believe that the equipment doesn’t matter so much anymore, seems I can get my ‘sound’ with whatever I have at hand(with some subtle variation), but still identifiable. Been into my Squire strat a lot lately, dimarzio cruiser set, and alembic ‘jerry’ boost on board. All have brass nuts except Squire tele.DRC

  3. primea71 says:

    Hello Dylan, My apologies for asking about gear here. I asked over at the facebook page and was directed here. Much thanks for the pickup info. I myself have a Squier CVC tele and have been thinking about putting the “fast track T” in as well so I was looking for some confirmation. I gotta say I didn’t think I would dig the “tone zone T” but I really love the tone you have on that “We Have Signal” Alabama public TV recording! In the end I made the decision and went for Bill Lawrence’ rail pups(L48T&L45S). Well, thanks again and hope to see you and the band come through Philly as I wasn’t able to see ya’s at Johnny Brenda’s last time. Have a great holiday and a safe healthy New Year!!! p.s. You should consider doing somthing w/ Lanegan some day

    • No problem. Wasn’t trying to sound harsh. Yes facebook removed my personal page for some reason, although I am now rather glad about. Bill Lawrence makes great p/ups too. Nils Lofgren used them quite a bit. We tried back in Phase 3 days (Harvey was supposed to have lyrics) but it never worked out scheduling wise, although I had lyrics written. He is rather elusive these days. DRC I like Philly.

  4. primea71 says:

    Not to worry, I didn’t take it as harsh sounding. I hear ya on the Facebook thing, I’ve considered deleting mine a few times! Not everyone but some folks put up the dullest, most trivial shit. What do I care if your “taking the dog for a walk” HEHE. In all honesty, I’ve just discovered Earth a couple years ago. I knew about Earth but never really heard the band until “Bees album”. As for Mark, I guess he’s been quite the busy bee these days but it’s good to hear he is putting out lots of material and healthy as well. I too have spent a helluva lot of time in “limbo” and this past year has been the first in 20(somthing) years that I’ve had honest clean time. That H will grab ya by the short and curlies! On a last note, I almost went for a Dimarzio Cruiser T. There a cat on Ebay that has a handful made due to many requests. I almost took the plunge but went with the Lawrence pups(cant go wrong there). I’ll let ya go but I have some other info to post about my own paranormal experiences. Didn’t know you were so into the occult.

  5. Victor says:

    I’m kind of shocked, you’re probably the last person I expected to get a blog, I had somehow got the impression you didn’t even own a computer.
    I don’t know if you’ve seen it but I can highly recommend the french documentary “Investigation of the invisible world” about people who belive in elves, Sea monsters, Ufo & ghost in Iceland.
    I don’t know if you interested in it but I’ll link the youtube-version it’s very interesting and gives a fair and ballanced picture of the “phenomenon” that the majority of the icelanders seem to beelive in.

    One thing that kind of confuses me, is “wonders from the house of albion” the solo project you talked about in 2011?
    If that is the case, is it true that it will not be made if that kickstarter rally doesn’t reach 30 000$?

    Although it’s not really related I was wondering when or if earth is playing Oslo this spring, I already have tickets for Stockholm, but I’m planing on going “dead head” and going to as many (hopefully all) of the scandinavian shows as possible.
    Humble regards

    • My manager ‘made’ me get one(computer) so have only had one since april of last year. I needed it to tour manage our midwest/east coast tour. The blog came about accidentally, I was trying to leave a comment/appreciation on the feral strumpet blog, and thought I had to register one to do so and, happy accident, i had a blog. I decided it was a good thing(strong believer in happy accidents), and figured it was a good way to talk about other interests and my solo project(s). It will definitely not be as ambitious a project as projected if the kickstarter financing fails(won’t be able to film/cover pressing costs). I have already invested much of my own money into it, and will continue to do so, but I am not independently wealthy. We are playing oslo as part of the inferno festival this year, it is the day before the stockholm show. I really hope to make it to iceland one of these days, especially since there seems to be quite a bit of aelf/elven lore, and areas that can not be developed due to there presence/or belief in their presence. The idea for the solo project originated in my own personal experience in Dec. 2010, and was reinforced with another one in Nov. 2011, so yes it is the same one i mentioned in 2011. Thank you for the link and embedded media, and your interest and support of earth. DRC

    • Man, this is a very interesting documentary, not so impressed with the ‘mediums’, but the 9 year old girl and especially the ‘hermaphroditic’ police man are amazing. It is interesting as well about the irish slaves used to populate the island, it seems much like the UK there is a confluence of celtic and germanic and finnish belief systems that have been most effective as a paradigm for describing the others and their realm. The policeman is particularly interesting, because in the shamanic tradition of central asia many shaman’s engage in gender blurring dress and behaviour. Also in early germanic/norse sagas (especially the Volundrkvida) magic and aelf-like beings are feminized(aelfscynne, literally elf-sheen or shine) and in others Odin is constantly belittled by Loki for ‘feminizing’ himself by using magic. There is one where Loki consistently calls Odin a ‘c**k-craver’, impugning his manhood for acquiring and using magical power. WARNING: to potential viewers of the embedded media, first 15 minutes very interesting, the rest veers off into crazy land, to many ‘mediums’, extraterrestrialists, and this really annoying ‘fractal’ something or other named ‘annanda’. The sea creature part is interesting as well, but much new-age lunacy is also present.

  6. Hi Dylan

    First let me say how excited I am about your new project, not just as a fan of Earth but also in sharing a similar interest in Old Albion’s occult/ pagan legacy.

    I imagine you’ve already got a fair few places suggested to you already to visit but if you get the chance then Cumbria has many fine examples of stone circles that are still (apparently) visited by people who feel it has religious significance to them. I myself just returned from visiting Castlerigg Stone Circle, which was roughly constructed around 3200 BC.


    Alas due to the popularity of these locations in the 19th Century has meant some have been tampered with by past generations. The Merry Maiden’s in Cornwall is pretty impressive and still worth a look(if a little small) and has a brilliant mythology to it but sadly restoration work in the 19th Century replaced the stones in the wrong place so how exactly they were supposed to look we may never know.


    Lastly I wanted to share with you a radio play I stumbled upon several months ago called ‘The Shining Guest’; a ghost story of sorts but one very much steeped in British occult lore. The link for the play is below. I have a copy of it somewhere too if the link is no longer active.


    Looking forward to the projects completion.

    All the best


  7. James King says:

    Dylan…wow, I had no idea you had such an interest in our ancient history… I was at the Bristol show tonight, I spoke briefly with you and Adrienne after the gig, we talked about female folk singers… a friend told me about this blog… anyway… I have long planned my own journey to the North to visit the ancient home of my family, centuries ago many of my ancestors were hung for witchcraft in the biggest witch hunt this country ever had. There’s a direct line of descendancy through my family, and until my parent’s generation these stories were apparently spoken of frequently and reverently. I am the first born of my generation, and sadly the only who was told of these tales by my elders – I only recently discovered that my younger siblings knew nothing of this at all (an influence of Christianity made sure that such tales of witchcraft were buried)

    So I see you’re planning many journeys of discovery around our islands after your tour is complete… And I’m pretty sure you’ll already be going there anyway – it’s surely a major destination for anyone studying our ancient past – but I’ll spell it out just in case – visit Pendle Hill in Lancashire. My great-great-great-etc-grandparents died for what they did there centuries ago. Apparently the transcription of the court case when the Pendle Witches were convicted is the oldest surviving English transcript of a court hearing. I still haven’t even been to that place myself, I have a great sese of foreboding which both draws me in yet holds me back, and really, I know that when it is time, I will go. But I would definitely suggest to anyone studying our ancient ways to spend some time there…

    I wish you good fortune in your travels 🙂

  8. We would like to request to interview you for our blog.http://0600am.blogspot.com.
     It would probably be 10 – 15 questions.

     Looking forward to your reply,

    Thalia and Aggelos

  9. victor says:

    Dear Dylan.
    As of late I have begun to study the history of european witch craft, the weird thing is that I’ve recently started to experience very vivid nightmares and night terrors all involving old crones in one form or the other. This all started when my grandmother told me about the death of the last cunning person in our birth village of raanujärvi(in northern finnish lappland) her great uncle always used to clear the path of what he called “the little folks” when they ran lumber in winter time (because of the horses that would constantly cower at certain spots in the road) My question is could this be related? Or am I just losing my shit?
    And if this could be related could you recommend any literature on the subject?

    Excuse possible spelling errors, I’m writing this on a telephone.

    • i reccomend emma wilby’s cunning folk and familiar spirits. even though an history book, it discusses how spiritual creatures were viewed and approached by both cunning folk and more contemporary inuit shaman. my first response would to be look into a book like grimoire of arthur gauntlet or the appendixes in discovery of witchcraft and look up charms of protection from spirits and nightmares. also perhaps you could locate a lapp/saami shaman willing to help. a gift to propitiate the little folk may be of some use as well. not sure about the finnish variety, but scottish and english usually wanted cream or animal blood. if approached by any do not give away your name or make any bargains or requests, and be very wary of any gifts from them. until you are very sure ‘what’ spiritual creatures’ you are dealing with. also avoid being intoxicated in their prescence. do not be afraid. also the sign of the cross and psalms may be helpful.often used as part of charms. some books reccomend not talking to them either, at least until they make some sign of good faith. drc

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