drcarlsonalbion and ‘virtual’ hackney lass show…


july 13th did first show playing some of the hackney lass material. lost my luddite membership card, used a laptop(horrors) with the lovely miss knights voice and some beats backing tracks, played guitar live to it. unfortunately miss knight was back in uk and unable to perform live. will be rectifying on october drcarlsonalbion tour of uk. joining me will be the hackney lass miss knight, la strega mariateresa colmonacco (teta mona), michael york, and rogier smal. the tour ends at supersonic in birmingham, england. hope to see many of those i met earlier this year again in the green and pleasant land. drc


About drcarlsonalbion

Musician in band earth. Folklore/History/Occult enthusiast, especially about British Isles.
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3 Responses to drcarlsonalbion and ‘virtual’ hackney lass show…

  1. Charlie says:

    I look forward to seeing what venues you’re coming to in the UK and keep my fingers crossed

  2. hexagon says:

    I just found this site for a walking tour of the history of Black Sabbath in Birmingham, and thought it would tie in nicely with your love of heavy riffs and British history. Apparently one can book a tour in advance, but the only one scheduled is sold out. You can also buy a booklet to go on a self guided tour, but given your proven devotion to and elevation of the musical form, perhaps the obsessive tour guide would schedule a personal tour to coincide with your upcoming Birmingham show:


    Maybe you’ll get spooked by the ghosts of some of the original metal fans from 1969 whose spirits have passed out of their denim and leather clad bodies!

    Eagerly awaiting the Earth show in Los Angeles with Stebmo opening. I’m secretly hoping Steve will jam with you as I loved his contributions to the Hex/Hibernaculum/Bees/Radio/Peacock era, but maybe that would be too many cooks in the kitchen (too Bitches Brew, not enough In A Silent Way)? Also hoping you’ll sell those lion-skull/bee patches, or other awesome tour merch or solo material. As long as I’m making a wish list, record Blackwaterside!

    R.I.P. Bert Jansch and Davy Graham
    Long Live Tony Iommi and Dylan Carlson!

  3. vesalahde says:

    hey man, check out latest video i did for SLEEP, DATA, minimalistic footage from the bay of old helsinki, http://vimeo.com/57661337, if u ever need a vid let me know.

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