completed 2 new recording projects…

finished 3 songs, 2 for touch 7″ and track for comp for 400th anniversary of pendle witch trial. drcarlsonalbion and the hackney lass (miss rosie knight) 7″ a side is ‘hackney iliad’ and the b side is ‘tyler’s hand of glory’, the comp track ‘the betrothal of alizon deuice’. i play guitar and miss knight does spoken word vocals which she wrote for the occasion. should be out hopefully same time as latitudes and for the solo uk tour, in october. relentless self promotion continues. drc


About drcarlsonalbion

Musician in band earth. Folklore/History/Occult enthusiast, especially about British Isles.
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5 Responses to completed 2 new recording projects…

  1. erkembode says:

    wow! I really can’t wait to hear all of this, I’m really intrigued by the Hackney Iliad

  2. Jim says:

    Would you happen to be coming to Europe, or the Netherlands in particular?

    (as an aside, I was gratified to read your bit about Northumbria – such an intense, beautiful part of the world.)

  3. vesalahde says:

    earth/experimental music fans should check free downloadable droning earth compilations, 52 volumes out since 2007 and more in the making,, nothing to do with earth but earth:hex album inspired to start doing these and continue my own unmusical journey. half of these comps are drone/ambient/experimental, other half sludge/doom/downtempo metal.

  4. vesalahde says:

    and thanks dylan for making highly inspiring music during years.

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