Along Gray’s Inn Road…

Just returned from early am ramble down the gray’s inn rd. It was along this street that london cunning-man arthur gauntlet(d.1636) had his residence/place of business. Not sure of the exact location yet. Interestingly, still a lot of medical/dental offices and schools, considering healing was a prime concern of many cunning folk. It was also a favourite ‘haunt’ of arthur machen’s. Will definitely receive more attention in april. drc


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Musician in band earth. Folklore/History/Occult enthusiast, especially about British Isles.
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13 Responses to Along Gray’s Inn Road…

  1. Andy Roberts says:

    Are you aware of the John Dee symposium in Shropshire at the end of March:


  2. Zaheer Gulamhusein says:

    hello, here’s something which may enhance your ‘psycho-geographical’ journey…

    Consequently, I have recently started working around Tower Bridge and am fascinated by the number of ruins relating to the old walls in the area… brings home the futility but simultaneous transcendental immediate reality of being an inhabitant in such well-trodden areas…


  3. Paul Boswell says:

    Great to find your blog …I read the article in wire ,and been immersing myself in the world of Arthur Machen ,was wondering if youd read any of his works ,I feel they conjure the supernatural world stronger than any writer Ive read .All the best with your projects.

  4. Dave J-S says:

    Great gig in Manchester on Wednesday – many thanks! Fascinating cassette…I’m really enjoying that.

    It seems everybody’s gone Dr Dee crazy…just seen this about Damon Albarn’s new album:

    • thank you. yes the zeitgeist strikes again. although i like dee, i feel that edward kelley still get’s short shrift rom the historical and occult worlds. after all, he was the one who saw the spirits and conversed with them. drc

  5. Ad says:

    Nice blog – only just found it . Love the Earth’s recent two albums btw.
    Very good.
    Out of interest when or what was the first thing that sparked your interest in likes of Dee , Kelley , English and celtic folk-lore / magic / occult etc ?
    Apologies if bit of a random post.
    All the best .

    • Probably with my grandmother (from Fife) telling me about the seer of brabant, and my granfather talking about his experience during the war in england with a ‘grey lady’/death omen, then listening to hard rock/heavy metal and reading machen and lovecraft and then re-discovering fairport and pentangle lp’s and jonathan strange and mr.norrell and nearly dying of liver failure and some personal encounters convincing me about the right path to be on. drc

  6. Ad says:

    Cool Dylan.Hope your liver problems are sorted out.
    I’m English myself and am in England tho my old man and most of my family is Irish.
    There is some great stuff in Drogheda (where my dad is from) in Ireland – theres Oliver Pluncketts decapitated head in the church in main street of Drogheda – i presume you might already be aware of the whole backcatlogue of the problems / history around that -that resulted in Plucketts end .- there is plenty of good stories from around that area of Drogheda too – of headless horsemen , banshees etc .
    Newgrange is also not that far away either from there – even tho it is very much unfortunately tarted up.
    Anyhow – All the best anyhow.

  7. Iangray says:

    Belated thanks for the union chapel gig in London…it was soooogood in location and content. And enjoy making the new recordings in uk ..if you havnt
    already! Cheers

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