1st edition of cassette already gone…

The first edition of ‘edward kelley’s blues’ is already sold out( i will have some copies for sale on the upcoming tour). Second edition soon, ‘obsidian mirror’ version, none more black. DRC


About drcarlsonalbion

Musician in band earth. Folklore/History/Occult enthusiast, especially about British Isles.
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5 Responses to 1st edition of cassette already gone…

  1. Kitsune says:

    Glad to hear there is a second run of the tape. Went to buy a copy this morning and “ah……….they’ve gone!”

    Love the blog, by the way. Have you had a look at the Strange Attractor site as they sometimes work in a similar area?


    Should make the Mortlake trip at some point, considering I only live 30mins away.

    • I will also have some on tour as well, amongst the earth merch. Will definitely check out the site. Yes I hope to make it this trip, not only for dee/kelley, but sir richard francis burton’s tomb as well. also found out it was the site were boudicca/bodicea slughtered the inhabitants of roman london, apparently 70,000 were put to the sword and a great number of skulls of same were found there. a ‘britannic golgotha’ was a famous quote. drc

  2. Kitsune says:

    Really? I had no idea that Burton was also there…….incredible.

    There was a radio show a few years back which dealt with deep topography, rambling and the layering of city history – http://venturesintopography.wordpress.com/

  3. Jan Mertens says:

    Will the second edition also be released on The Tapeworm?

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