Dee and Kelley’s ‘spirituall creatures’…

Have been reading the ‘True and faithful…’ more commonly known as Dee’s spiritual diaries. It is interesting that many of the ‘spirituall creatures’ do not resemble ‘angels’ nor seem particularly ‘angelic’. There are obvious candidates like Raphael and Gabriel, but the very first, or at least earliest in the book, seems much more like a fairy. I am speaking of Madimi, the spirit with which they spoke the most frequently and consistently. Her description is that of a young child of 9 years old (although it is a little vague whether this is age or size), and with a dress that shimmers between green and red. Also, she is quite playful and not a little malicious. She also talks of having 6 sisters (there are a number of spells from this era that attempted to summon the 7  fairy sisters or sibyls, for example Scot’s Discoverie of Witchcraft, the Grimoire of Arthur Gauntlet). She also speaks of her mother having a house full of babes, but these are not her sisters(the abduction of human children into Faerie, being quite commonplace). Also much of her advice seems to end badly for Dr. Dee and Mr. Kelley. In the Grimoire of Arthur Gauntlet(d.1636) there is much about scrying, angelic conversation, and fairies. Also he utilized a female scryer, and the female scryer who taught scrying to ‘his’ scryer,  summoned the ‘regina pigmeorum’-Queen of Fairies to her shew-stone.


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  1. kevinpbooth says:

    i would be interested in scyring with some salvia leaves as incense, maybe with only firelight i wonder what would happen? unexplored frontiers of the mind sought out from the dawn of time.

    • They have a great version of the Spiritual Diaries out now from Golden Hoard Press, and another book from the same publisher Practical Angel Magic, for the full lowdown on Dee and Kelley’s technique, also from Avalonia publishers is Grimoire of Arthur Gauntlet, a London cunning-man who worked with a female scryer. 2 people were usually involved, the scryer was the ‘medium’ and young children were often thought best. Kelley did the scrying and summoned the entities while Dee wrote it down. Dee’s version involved a ‘table of practice’ with large carved wax ‘plates’ to support the legs and the scrying ball, with 4 candles on each corner. Gauntlet had 2 magic circles for himself and the scryer and a smaller one for the ‘chrystall stone’. Dee also used a mirror of obsidian glass, some used silver basins of water or ink. DRC

  2. kevinpbooth says:

    i think ill try it tonight with a mirror(minus the saliva) but since im sick and taking benadryl(chemically related to belladonna) anyway might make it possible but ive never tried such a thing before. will report if anything notable happens

    • The british occultist/artist Osman Spare used a large mirror in his idiosyncratic magical practices, staring at his reflection till he viewed his body as an empty corpse, and achieved a ‘disassociated’ state. Good Luck. DRC

  3. kevinpbooth says:

    so far all thats happened is a darkness and numbness, im using a mirror to view a single beam of light across my ceiling, the room is almost completely dark but for this beam and a blinking blue computer light.

    • kevinpbooth says:

      its hard to stay focused and remember to blink/breath. anyway i changed the angle of the mirror to view a oval glow in the dark plastic thing with a spider in it that i have on my lamp, its been easy to get to a “dim” state when seen through the mirror the spider makes the oval look alot like a eye and nearly everytime this has been the sequence of events: i look at the “eye” then the dark “pupil” of the spider disappears the oval then moves in a spiral type pattern going up or down but always to the left and back then dissapears in a dimness that lasts only seconds (i think my mind is distracted by the dimness and thus concentration is broken) nothing was seen in the mirror itself, but at one point during a dimness i blinked and in the space that the glow is from the light source i “saw”(not really saw i dont think) but there was a bird that had the coloring of a bluejay the body and head of a finch and a long tail ending in a flatness like a ruler. moore

  4. kevinpbooth says:

    hmm that moore was supposed to be “more trys may yield better results because i cant seem to focus anymore”

  5. tbgoodwillie says:

    Hey just read about your interest in the Good People, then saw this post,
    have you read “The Angel of the West Window” by Gustav Meyrink?
    Along with Nerval’s “Aurelia” and Dick’s “VALIS” some of the most unflinching supernatural observations ever recorded, no turning away from and clear reports of the Trans-Dim.

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