edward kelley’s blues…


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Musician in band earth. Folklore/History/Occult enthusiast, especially about British Isles.
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15 Responses to edward kelley’s blues…

  1. George says:

    Hey Dylan, enjoying the blogs and anticipating the shows… See you on the road
    George bristol…

  2. Will this release be available for download, in case of purchase of the tape ? I will buy this tape in any case, but I currently do not have a cassette deck, so i have to find a way to digitize it.
    By the way, this tape will be the second one in my music library – the only one wich is left from the crazy ’90s is the old Sub Pop promo tape of the album Earth 2:)))

  3. quite excited to hear this, particularly after seeing the somewhat alchemical looking recording technique in the previous photo. gonna have to dig out my tape player from the 90’s………

    • Thanks. Yes it was quite an involved mic’ing technique. Yes i only have one of those old style flat kind with a single speaker, since i need to get a new turntable as well hoping to upgrade to a ‘real’ cassette deck. Interesting aside, found out Edison was a Theosophist, and ‘invented’ the wax cylinder recorder/player to try and capture ‘spirit voices’ and the lucrative use as a ‘physical’ recording device was merely a side effect/un-forseen consequence.

  4. I have a great affection for those old flat style single speaker tape recorders. I used to have one that would physically spit the tape out when I pressed the eject button. The tape would fly nearly two feet through the air. I did not know that about edison. truly fascinating. wax cylinder recorders often turn up on tv antiques shows over here, and for some crazy reason everybody seems surprised when they still work. I wish you every success with the “coleman grey….” project. it looks totally amazing by the way.

  5. Yes, they can be quite vigorous in there treatment of cassettes. Thanks for the vote of confidence on the albion project. DRC

  6. CSR says:

    Is there to be a CD or vinyl version?

  7. obsidian says:

    is that drawing by savage pencil, the wire cartoonist?
    think i can see his signature there..
    also, the Earth feature in this months wire is incredible.
    one of the best articles i’ve read from the magazine.
    great insight ! !

    • Yes it is Savage Pencil’s work. I thought I had credited it, will have to rectify my oversight. Yes it was a good article, Joseph Stannard was a great gentleman, his project the Outer Church is very cool as well. drc

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  9. Paul Boswell says:

    great ! Have just done an exhibit with Edwin Pouncey and Battle of the Eyes in Shepton Mallet UK …also hearing your soundtrack on their film “what we do ” works very well.

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