The Raptures of Lunaticks…

People who have had encounters with beings they identify as ffayre-ffolke, fearries, etc. don’t even get respect from other magicians/magical practioners. I was looking in the second appendix of Reginald Scott’s ‘Discovery of Witchcraft’ 1665 edition and came upon this gem.

17. I have heard many wonderful relations from Lunaticks or such as are almost natural fools, who have asserted, That being for many daies together conversant amongst Faeries in Woods, Mountains, and Caverns of the Earth, they have feasted with them, and been magnificently Entertained with variety of dainties, where they have seen several of their Neighbours or Familiar acquaintance in the habit they were wont to weare, notwithstanding they were known to have been dead some years before.

18. And many Learned Authors have also insisted upon this particular, alledging, That when such as the Faeryes have brought into their Society do feast and junket with them, though they have a real and perfect knowledge of their neighbours and acquaintance amongst the rest, yet their Language they are not able to understand, neither do these Acquaintance of theirs acknowledge or take notice of them at all, but do either sit (both they and all the rest) in a profound and tedious silence, or else discourse in a most stupendious kinde of Gibberish, not intelligble to strangers.

p. 505-506 (all spelling sic.) Next to it is the aside/footnote 48. The Raptures of Lunaticks.

I find it humorous that in the appendix to the 1661 edition, it contains spells for summoning Fairies. The Discovery is also interesting, in that it is mostly a refutation of magic, witchcraft, witch-hunters, papists. jugglers, stage magicians, etc. Yet it contained so much information, especially within the appendixes added to the 1661 and 1665 editions (w/out the authors consent, since he was dead) that it became a manual for many english cunning-folk, especially the less well to do and less literate, and was used from the 1600’s through the early 20th century by many rural cunning-folk. I must confess I sometimes understand the ridicule one receives when one tries to discuss ffayre-ffolke seriously when one realizes all the ridiculous books about them, the nursery rhymes, and especially, if one looks at the books in any witchcraft/wicca sections of any book store, even specialist ones, one can’t help but want to engage in some creative arson.


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7 Responses to The Raptures of Lunaticks…

  1. purlygrrrl says:

    it really is a mine field, isn’t it? I mistakenly mentioned one of my experiences to an “expert” who I thought would be sympathetic, only to have a patronizing and dismissive response. It taught me not to discuss these things so freely. The modern sentimentalized fairy is wrong on so many levels– I could just go on ranting but I won’t!

  2. kevinpbooth says:

    i think its funny how easily people dismiss each other if that “others” view is different than the established one.

  3. if a passion for truth is mad, then lock me up and throw away the key!! hope i can get your edward kelly’s blues tape, i just got a new-ish tape machine, i guess it will be a limited edition tape?

    • Yes I am not sure of the size of the run, but i will be selling some on the tour as well. I left the tapeworm address on one of the posts, maybe there are pre-orders available or something like that. I will try to hold one for you if I am able, being from Newcastle and all. DRC

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