Ffayre bells?…

Listening to field recordings around waterloo station/southbank/thames river bed, the portion on the thames. Isolated the sound of tinkling, silvery bells, very strange melody, also very hard to isolate with equalizer or compression, almost not present at all. Was able to loop small portion for use on cassette release coming out on the Tapeworm, a cassette only release. Very different from ffayre bell heard in Newcasltle in April of last year, it rang only once, the saddest, most mournful sound i have ever heard. caused lost time of a few minutes, as well as magpie feather in pocket of my vest(inside pocket) to vanish. It later reappeared under my guitar case in Koln, the last date of the earth uk/eu tour that year, 2011. So the idea that it was somehow stuck to the case can pretty much be ruled out, especially since it was undamaged after 30+ loadings in and out of van and venues, also don’t know how it would have gotten from pocket on street in Newcastle to guitar case in locked van. I checked for it before and after the lost time incident (i can be slightly obsessive/compulsive at times).


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Musician in band earth. Folklore/History/Occult enthusiast, especially about British Isles.
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2 Responses to Ffayre bells?…

  1. mjg says:

    hello dylan,.
    i’m from the north east of england and am really curious to know more about the bell you heard in newcastle in april 2010.
    please tell more, or at least try to describe in a bit more detail. where did you hear it at exactly? what makes you so sure it was a ‘ffayre bell’? i am genuinely interested and curious to know.
    newcastle’s football team (soccer team!?) is nicknamed ‘the magpies’.
    ok, thanks.

    • Well, it was early in the am, and if it had been a church bell it would have chimed the hour, I live in Seattle a port city and can tell a ships bell(and most use horns these days) Also they very rarely use only one, same with trains. Also it was a much more mournful, sad sounding bell, church bells usually strike me as more strident. Also it produced similar sensations to previous ‘encounters’ as described previously in my blog. Particulate brightness, gauziness of the visual field, ‘receding’ of ‘reality’. etc. I am a nufc fan for that reason as well as really liking newcastle/northumbria. Thanks for the interest. DRC

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