working on recording project…

I am working on a cassette only release for Tapeworm( It is called ‘edward kelley’s blues’, It is utilizing some of the best extracts from the field recordings I did in and around waterloo station/southbank/thames river bed, as well as guitar and mellotron. It will also contain two vocal tracks, one in english and one in enochian. It is ‘about’ dr.dee’s seer/scryer and dr.dee. It should be available in march of 2012. Will describe in fuller detail closer to/upon release. DRC


About drcarlsonalbion

Musician in band earth. Folklore/History/Occult enthusiast, especially about British Isles.
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8 Responses to working on recording project…

  1. stan says:

    i be looking forward to that release-as i am w/ all your output

  2. erkembode says:

    Very much looking forward to hearing this Dylan, do you think there will be copies around the time of the UK Earth tour?


  3. wow this is so exciting, and theres a new earth tour? saw you in Newcastle uk , april last year, it was brilliant!

    • We will be in UK in March, unfortunately no Newcastle show (Leeds and Edinburgh) are the closest. I will be in the North in April May for field recording for solo project, and Newcastle is my favorite city in the world, so will be stopping by if i can. DRC

  4. Charlie says:

    no downloadable versions to be available?

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