In the Smoke

This was supposed to be the 2nd post, but I failed to publish it, saved as draft instead, whoops. DRC

This is unrelated to topic, but for some reason my personal facebbook page got removed, but the one for my band earth is still up(?). On to more pleasant subjects. Went to see John Dee’s equipment in the British Museum, and an amazing collection of charms worn by victorian/edwardian Londoners at the Wellcome Collection. Although great to see I feel the same about that stuff as when I see recording equipment or instruments in a museum, they should be out in the world working and summoning spirits and protecting people, not just sitting there. Looks like John Dee is about to get a huge profile boost, found out Damon Albarn of blur/gorillaz is premiering an opera about him around olympic time.


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Musician in band earth. Folklore/History/Occult enthusiast, especially about British Isles.
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2 Responses to In the Smoke

  1. Paul Coughlin says:

    Hi Dylan.
    The Dr Dee opera premiered at the Manchester International Film Festival this year. I attended purely for the subject matter of the opera but got the impression a lot of people were there for Mr Albarn, whilst not a fan of his work i think he did a reasonable job musically and it was visually impressive but the story was difficult to grasp without any prior Dee knowledge and i still think Dr Dee remains largely unheard of (amazingly).
    Have you come across the Channel 4 documentary Masters of Darkness on Dee (Queen Elizabeth’s Magician), it is floating around on the net.
    Hope to see you in Earth @ Leeds next year.
    Thankyou for the enlightening and informative blog.

    • Thanks for the heads up, I am sorry I missed it(yes I liked blur, dark secret revealed). I have been reading Dr.Dee’s diary, and will look for documentary. Looking forward to Leeds myself, always liked the city, and have met many good folks there, also one of my closest friends is originally from Leeds. DRC

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