Historical encounter in London…

A friend of Katherine Briggs(a renowned folklorist), who was a clergyman’s widow(I won’t hold that against her) had an encounter with one of the strangers(ffayre-ffolke), while sitting in Regent’s Park in London. Apparently she was suffering from an injured foot, and while resting and wondering how she would make it home, a small man dressed in green appeared and said, ‘We promise that your foot shan’t pain you tonight.’ He then disappeared, along with the pain in her foot. She made it home and slept all night.

Regent’s park is not far from my first encounter experience in London(see november archives of this blog for description). I wish I had more information on this story, but it is interesting, none the less.


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  1. greetings mr carlson from the english southlands,
    not sure if you want yr very interesting blog littered up with assorted ramblings but I thought I’d relate an encounter I had when I was living in canterbury, (a mystical place indeed) many years ago, at this location CT1 3PW. just round the corner from where I used to live, (in martyrs field road, right on top of where a number of people were burnt alive in the 16th century). it was at night and there was this sort of particulate rain hanging in the air and I approached what I thought was just the silhouette of a man coming the other way down the road. but as I drew near he was impenetrably black, like a cut-out, and oddly shaped. as I stepped to walk past him, his face became somehow brightly illuminated from within. it was a yellow green colour and was seemingly archaic. he said “hello” to me in a very relaxed way, and I am sure his lips did not move. at the time I was terrified, and continued to quickly walk away. but thinking about it later I realized that the tangible entity was not malevolent. in fact it was clearly benign. The event was simultaneously intense and vague if that makes any sense.
    all the best with your endeavors and I am looking forward to hearing how they manifest musically.
    (ps: hawthorne abendsen is fictitious and is one of my many internet pseudonyms)

    • Thanks for this! I want my blog littered with assorted ramblings! That is half the point (or maybe most of it). Thanks for sharing this with me and any readers out there. I hope more readers and part-time visitors will feel inspired to ramble/rant away(on topic of course). Even if you don’t like it feel free to complain to me about it! DRC

  2. I later pondered the same thing. I thought for a while that maybe it was actually made of two entities. the black shape or hole, and a second inhabitant. I am not really sure about the whole parallel dimension thing. it felt more like the individual was like this all the time, and I had just noticed it or it had chosen to reveal itself to me. it is hard to form an accurate description though. its like the memory equivalent of trying to grip a bar of soap.

  3. Your encounter entity (here I am just ‘riffing’) seems more ‘comfortable’ with this realm, ‘mine'(not implying ownership or control, just figure of speech) seemed to be ‘passing through’ or taking a ‘short cut’ or were on familiar paths that just happened to intersect with ‘my’ reality, although the first one had something in its’ bag, and was perhaps ‘gathering’ something, or had gathered something recently. I agree with the bar of soap analogy, and realize my ideas are pure speculation as to the beings activities or intentions. The only thing I can say with assurance is they were pursuing their own agendas/activities, whatever they may be/have been, and I was just ‘lucky’ to witness them.

    • I know exactly what you mean. to me, it felt like for a degree of time my perception changed and I was aware of something that existed concurrently with me in the world, that ordinarily I wouldn’t have seen or even had any knowledge of. I have no idea why it happened, which I guess is the really interesting question. what, if any, action from either “world” had caused it. (I have pondered over many scenarios, once I jokingly thought that maybe in one of the houses nearby a feverish occultist had been performing the final parts of some extensive summoning ritual, only for me to bump into the resulting entity outside.) at the time I was just idly walking somewhere. and it had the air of doing the same. and you’re right it was comfortable, as at that moment I guess it was having an almost identical experience to me. the voice was very calm. frankly, It was me who was doing all the freaking out. (in fact i still feel weird every time I go past that part of canterbury.)

      • I like the idea of the ‘feverish occultist’, apparently his/her circle or pentacle was not as complete as he/she thought! My impression of the entities was they were used to this, and like yourself I was the one confused(at least later), It was interesting to that I couldn’t talk about it till later, when I first saw my two friends I blurted out ‘*****(name w/held) saved me from a ffayre!’, they both looked at me like I was speaking gibberish, and when I mentioned it over the phone to someone else it was as if I said nothing at all, or again some garbled speech. It is interesting to at the time I felt no fear, just wonder, and was strangely ‘elated’ for the next couple of days. It seems to me (and in a couple books discussed) that ‘encounters’ seem to occur when the mind is ‘distracted’ or you are not focusing on anything in particular, such as traveling, especially walking or waiting somewhere. It is kind of funny to me in retrospect. that at the time of my first ‘encounter’ I was involved in the sordid world of worrying about my personal finances. Also at that point I knew nothing about that part of camden or waterloo station, I discovered any info about those areas after the occurrences. I noticed your description as well of the ‘particulate rain’, very interesting. DRC

      • it was the same for me, my mind was very distracted. it was a route I walked a lot at the time so wasn’t even thinking that distinctly about anything at all, not even where I was. yeah I was quite frightened at the specific moment, but it was only on reflection later I became more relaxed about it. I didn’t tell anybody about it at all for some years. The first time I mentioned it was to a friend of mine later when I was writing a story and used a sort of version of it as a descriptive passage, he was reading a draft and asked me about it, and I explained it was taken from an actual event, and interestingly the aspect he was most fascinated with was the rain.

    • Thanks for the video, although I find the cottingley fairy photos and its attending story a pernicious distraction to serious enquiry on the fairies. None of the descriptions from the previous historical record say anything about wings or daintyness. Unfortunately when one mentions the ffayre-folke/seelie wychtis now a days they think of tinkerbell from the egregious work of pederast J.M.Barrie. No wonder it is so hard to be taken seriously, and with the plethora of faeriecons and women in tutus and wings selling crystals and other new age ridiculousness, it is often that one is ridiculed for belief in the fairy-faith. DRC

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