If anyone is interested…

earth will be touring the UK in march, dates were announced on december 1st, the european dates will be announced on the 12th. Following the tour, I will be traveling around various sites where cunning-folk/witches had encounters with the ffayre-ffolke. Mostly in the northern UK and scotland. I will be doing field recordings for my solo effort, april and most of may. Hope to see you on the road. The new earth record will be released on february 14th of 2012. Hoping for a may 2013 release for solo record, although that is not written in stone.


About drcarlsonalbion

Musician in band earth. Folklore/History/Occult enthusiast, especially about British Isles.
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5 Responses to If anyone is interested…

  1. Mark Jones says:

    Really looking forward to the new records, both Earth your Solo release. Plus I’ll be at the upcoming UK gigs for sure. Really enjoying this blog too.

  2. Great news! Can’t wait for the second part of the AODDOL…. part 1 is a beautiful trip. The album’s title is excellent – it’s full of alchemy and perfectly reflects the music:
    Light… It seems that everything in sight, all is clear and correct, but, in fact, it’s just a game of your mind, reaction to what surrounds you. Room full of mirrors, where you can wander to the death, between the reflections. Demons, who from day to day substitute your real self with their passions and desires … Hell around the corner…..
    Darkness… Blessed veil hides you from the world and the world from you. And your mind loses sight of you, and you lose sight of your mind. At this point, you are left face to face with yourself. Russian proverb says “It’s good there where we aren’t”. This is the beginning of the angelic conversation.
    Greatly intrigued by the solo release – looking forward!

  3. Stefan Berg says:

    Hello! Nice to read your blog. looking forward to your project, drc! But how to get tickets to your show att victoria jazzscene in oslo? No one can give me an answer. So i hope the source will enlighten me! True legend. Stefan

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