are these really christian visions?

I read the following descriptions of 4 saints with interest, St.Edmund of Abingdon, while wandering near the Thames, beheld a ‘fayr chylde in whyte clothynge which sayd, “Hayle, felowe that goest alone”‘ Do not detect anything overtly christian in this. St.Frideswide, while escaping with her 2 sisters from Algar, a Saxon prince, along the Thames, met a fair youth clad in dazzling white who rowed them across and 10 miles down river. The Anglo-Saxon aelf was associated with both whiteness and aelfscynne, or brightness/supernatural beauty(lit. elf-sheen). Joan of Arc only identified her vision as a beautiful lady, and the tree and well the vision occurred at, were well known as a haunt of fairies. Also one of the charges against her for which she was burned was consorting with fairies. It is known that many fairies delight in bloodshed and strife among humans, as well as there association with death/dying. Also their bargains/gifts often have a sting in the tail(with no fine print to read).  As recently as Bernadette at Lourdes, she described the vision as only a beautiful lady, it wasn’t until interrogation and confinement in a nunnery, that the church identified her as ‘The Virgin Mary”.


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2 Responses to are these really christian visions?

  1. P. Suarez says:

    I think christians in general have tended to appropiate some stories and christianized them to use them for their own agenda… typical for most of the conquered people in America and Europe was that the church incorporated some of their customs or beliefs into their tellings and changed the characters to christian figures… this was a way for them to sell it to the pagans still willing to believe in their local stuff… so that could be a magical non christian telling, considering its roots

    greetings from Mexico!

    • Ola! Mis Amigo. I had a great time in Mexico City this year, other than the audience at the show (who were amazing), was the magic/santeria/santa muerte/palo mayombe market. 25 peso editions of ancient(or at least medieval/early modern) grimoires, and all kinds of other items useful to a brujo/a/sorcerer/etc. Found an obsidian mirror like dr.dee. Gracias.

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