Some more quotes…

‘…belief in the existence of spirits is founded not upon loose speculation, but upon concrete, personal experiences, the reality of which is re-inforced by sensory perception.’ -Bennett, Traditions of Belief, 118-9; Honko, ‘Memorates and the Study of Folk Beliefs’, 10.

‘What is important is that they are real to those who believe in their existence or have experienced the phenomenon first-hand.’ Lizzanne Henderson and Edward J. Cowan- p.209 Scottish Fairy Belief, John Donald 2001/2011

‘At the present time fairy belief, and indeed ‘folklore’ generally, is still sometimes pushed out to geographically remote areas. Time and again assertions are made that ‘old Celtic strongholds’ remain the favoured haunts of the fairies… . Another cliche is that the ‘actual belief in fairies…lived in the most inaccessible part of Britain, further out of the reach of authority and more remote from the ‘civilizing’ influences…’ The tone of cultural imperialism…beggars belief…the implication being countries which retain a store of supernatural belief traditions are culturally, and in every other sense, backward.’ Lizzanne Henderson and Edward J. Cowan- p.208 Scottish Fairy Belief, John Donald 2001/2011


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Musician in band earth. Folklore/History/Occult enthusiast, especially about British Isles.
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4 Responses to Some more quotes…

  1. Kevin Booth says:

    Keep writing very interesting subject, any thoughts on runes or standing stones?

    • On standing stones see a vision of albion on my blog, and I am no expert on runes, I do love the story of how Odin acquired them, losing an eye and hanging on the world tree for nine days. It is also interesting how his attributes were combined with the Archangel Michael by the early Anglo-Saxon’s to produce his current incarnation, originally he was a very vague and minor character in the bible, he also had Wild Hunt myths attached to him as well. There is some interesting stuff in the earliest sagas as well where Loki accuses him of ‘feminizing’ or behaving as Finn(aelf) by his use of magic, since shamans often dressed in ways considered un-manly by the vikings, and they attributed most magic to Finns(aelf). DRC A good book is Alaric Hall’s ‘Elves in Anglo-Saxon England’, also some stuff in Emma Wilby’s ‘Visions of Isobel Gowdie’ that touch on the subject. Thanks for reading.

      • Kevin Booth says:

        no problem anything anthropological in nature is my bread and butter, oh and on and unrelated note play some shows in texas (earth) but i dont want to de-rail your blog with fan shit so feel free to delete this comment if you deem it too out of context

  2. I lived my formative middle school years in San Antonio, and would love to play some shows, hopefully next year will be the year we can play there. DRC

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