recording experiment in and around waterloo station…

Listened to 1/3 or so of recording made in and around waterloo station and along thames river bed in south bank area, so far a lot of expected sounds, cars, buses, people(although some disembodied phrases and words are interesting). The interesting part is along the way to the thames and along riverbed, a strange droning sound with weird melodies in the overtones(music of the spheres?music of the court of elfame?the big music) Doesn’t resemble any sort of snatches of conventional music from open windows or vehicles. It is much to consistent, running for many, many minutes(will edit post later when I figure out exactly how long). Will post more when entirety has been perused. Interestingly in scotland convictions for first offenses of prophecy,sossery(sorcery), or healing involved removal of the ears, second ended in hanging. Edward Kelley, Dr.Dee’s ‘medium’ was missing his ears from some conviction. As well as having his forehead branded for another.

I have recently found out that Edward Kelley was knighted. It was from Rudolph II, the Holy Roman Emperor (apologies for confusing him with the Elector of the Palatinate), he was later raised to a baron, for producing gold for the Emperor, but when the gold dried up he was disenfranchised and thrown into prison. From there things become murky.


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4 Responses to recording experiment in and around waterloo station…

  1. Kevin Booth says:

    any chance you can post some sound bites after you review the whole thing?

  2. purlygrrrl says:

    Amazing– I had no idea about Dee’s medium. I wonder how this will inform your own music? It is exciting to imagine it. All my “contact” so to speak has been auditory– though, now saying that, York seems full of peripheral shadows– beings that hide when I turn to them.

    I totally forgot to post about this book I really enjoyed called The Real Middle Earth:
    You don’t have to be into Tolkien to enjoy it– I’m not– but I found his historical conjecture fascinating, and explained some things I have sensed while living here.

  3. I like the Silmarillion, especially the creation myth of the singing of the universe into reality, if only the annoyingly sexless and catholic veneer didn’t infect the other books. I will keep my eye out. The recordings may be posted as soon as I can figure that tech stuff out(I still think books are a little too advanced). I am planning to use it on a recording project in the offing, though, will let everyone know. I have had ‘frontal’ lobe seizures and they always begin with auditory ‘auras’ followed by brightness in one eye, the ‘auras’ only occur on the left side, eye and ear. Perhaps that is why the ears were the first to be removed on convictions of ‘sossery’. I can’t wait to get up to yorkshire. DRC

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