a vision of albion

to quote mr. page and plant: ‘years ago, in days of old, when magic filled the air…’ Thousands of years ago there was a group of islands, in future they would be known as alba, albion, england, scotland, wales, great britain and ireland. It was inhabited by two races, one humans of short stature(but not pygmies) with dark hair and light eyes and heavily tattooed(they would become known as picts, who were much like the original finns, finn and aelf being used interchangeably in the earliest norse sagas to define non-monstrous magical beings, much like pict being the root of pixies,pechts,piskie/y,etc.). They possessed a varying degree of magic and high amount of reason/logic. The other, also of short stature(but not pygmies either) were highly magical but did not need or desire reason/logic, the ffayre-ffolke or gude/seelie wychtis. Magic was the major ‘technology’ and stones were sung into a vast array of sacred ‘devices’ for teleporting between other realms, distant places on the islands, keeping the soil fertile, and animal/vegetable life abundant. Music and magic were powerful tools for transformation. Both peoples hunted and gathered, engaged in small agricultural endeavors, and herded small flocks of animals. Everything was alive and possessed a language and will of it’s own. Lest one get the idea this was some neutered/christianized golden age, people and ffayres fought, fornicated, danced, sang, engaged in petty disputes and did all those things that living beings have always done. Oral culture was predominant, but there was a form of writing, a method of inscribing magic in the ffayre tongue. We know it today as ‘cup and ring’ marks, and we cannot decipher it. Treaties and magical alliances were forged with the animals, birds, trees, stones, waters, the wind, rain, and the earth itself. At some time, and for some unknown reason; perhaps it was the human’s overabundance of reason/logic, this broke down and the descent into history began. The ffayre-ffolke separated their realm from the human. The treaties between all things were abrogated and forgotten. So-called progress; or as rationalists call it, evolutionary history, was off and running.   Culminating in the sorry state of affairs we have inherited today. But the other realm is always there just behind the ‘known’, the ‘rational’, and the ‘material’. I await the restoration of magic with a joyous heart and eagerly look forward to the return of the true albion.

I don’t want to give the impression in this that I believe the sylie wychtis/ffayre-ffolke are gone or only in the distant past a la Scot, et.al.


About drcarlsonalbion

Musician in band earth. Folklore/History/Occult enthusiast, especially about British Isles.
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9 Responses to a vision of albion

  1. Germán says:

    Hi Dylan. Congratulations on your music and your blog. I’m a big fan of Earth. I look forward to this new project. Lately I’m also interested in these issues. Much support and enjoy. Greetings from Spain.

  2. Muchos gracias, German.(sorry if my spanish is badly conjugated)DRC

  3. Joona says:

    Very inspiring way you put it out Dylan. And hello from Finland, it’s right time to listen some Earth these days. Magic in the air.. instead of sun! I enjoyed the show in april. Keep ramble on!

  4. Germán says:

    If I can help with information, studies on similar issues in the modern age in Spain you can leave an address where to send it. For example the city where I live now has one of the most important chapters of the inquisitorial process against magic and witchcraft rituals of the seventeenth century.

  5. Thank you, you can always send them to my email address, drcarlsonalbion@hotmail.com. DRC

  6. Sharon Kirk says:

    What have I stumbled upon…ffayre’s and smoke….and the INQUISITION!

    • Not quite sure about the inquisition comment, please clarify, also most of the witch trials occurred under protestants after the reformation, not that I am defending catholics, I distrust all monotheists.

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