Last night in the Smoke

Went along the Thames at low tide and got in the muck while running a recording device(audio) after first walking through and widdershins around waterloo station, with obsidian mirror and scrying ball in front of mics. Took mirror and scrying ball to see dr.dee’s originals at British Museum first, of course, also made charms with some nice vellum acquired at bindery. Haven’t had a chance to listen yet. Also took it around the St.Pancras churchyard on way back to hotel.


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Musician in band earth. Folklore/History/Occult enthusiast, especially about British Isles.
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3 Responses to Last night in the Smoke

  1. purlygrrrl says:

    These are brave workings. When I practiced (don’t know what else to call ritual work) while I lived in London I always got back more than I bargained for. It’s an intense place! I miss it sometimes.

  2. Thanks for the warning/friendly reminder. I also found out that the fleet ran from my hotel on St.Chad’s (patron saint of holy wells) along side St.Pancras straight to area of first encounter in Camden, and that the river that fed the marsh under Waterloo was the Tyburn, which is famous for running next to the site of many executions. I still haven’t listened yet, I don’t know if I am reluctant because I am worried about being disappointed or to ‘lucky’. Although the trombonist/percussionist Stuart Dempster has an interesting theory that non-analog digital recording will not pick up the ‘supernatural’ and that analog ‘noise’ on recordings is composed of alpha waves of the brain/mind as opposed to merely stray ‘bits’ of digital noise, or something like that. DRC

  3. purlygrrrl says:

    I just admired what you were doing & that perhaps I was “unlucky” and also exposed to strange energies that seem to feed of a lot of the rage and suffering around London. Can’t wait to hear more about your recorded discoveries.

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