I am increasingly inclined…

I am increasingly inclined to believe that certain of our dead are translated into the realm of the ffayre-ffolke. Especially magical practitioners and those who die ‘before their time’. I believe what has been termed ‘magic’ is an ability to access the quantum and holographic nature of both mind and reality. Some of us may be fortunate enough to transcend ‘heaven’ and ‘hell’ and enter in to the quantum and holographic matrix of reality or another reality (the other lands, elfhame, whatever one wants to call it) where time and space are infinitely malleable. Some are fortunate enough to do it during life and others must await it at the end of life.  It was also much more common in ancient days. Lest anyone get the idea that I think i am an overly original thinker(perish the thought). This Idea is in harmony with the confessions of the scottish cunning-women tried as witches, Bessie Dunlop(tried and executed at Edinburgh 1576), Elspeth Reoch(Orkney 1616), Alison Peirson(Fifeshire 1588), and many others.

I apologize for using ‘scientific’ sounding jargon, it is something looking back on that i regret. I have fallen prey here to the trap of the reductionist/materialist paradigm that has poisoned the world as we know it. All of the modern world’s founding ideas and paradigms are reductionist/materialist, even the spiritual ones are the same, but dressed up in ‘mystic’ robes. The modern paradigm was created or at least solidified by complete MADMEN in the 19th century. (Some were MADWOMEN as well). Magic is magic and that is good enough, quantum mechanics is the sound of the rationalist/materialist paradigm breaking up on the shoals of reality.


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Musician in band earth. Folklore/History/Occult enthusiast, especially about British Isles.
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One Response to I am increasingly inclined…

  1. tbgoodwillie says:

    Some of us are the descendants of Elf/Human sexual union,
    we are from Earth, when we die and are reduced to our base,
    we do not go to heaven.

    One Halloween,
    I went past every variation of my life and past their corresponding deaths,
    into the glowing woods;
    where I helped generate the tones that fix and protect the dimensional boundaries,
    the harmonics that keep the multi-verse from collapse,
    and the evil sky demon from total Earth death.

    They allowed me to return as long as I only told the truth.

    There is a great darkness coming, felling narrative towers of this and nearby dimensions,
    false connecting, creating seemingly synchronistic situations, the edit marks are stark,
    and the Good People are stepping in.


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