description of beings seen in the Smoke(old name for London)

Camden town tube station-high street exit(near where gibbet and the dead men used to hang). 4′-9″ – 5′ tall(same height as my mother and grandmother, so familiar with judging that height). Female in appearance, dressed in dark(black/brown clothing) could pass for one of those zen japanese designer’s clothing if not paying attention, but looked at closely, roughly woven, archaic in appearance(a shimmer of silver underneath), shoes or boots of untanned hide, no heels or such. Great mass of dark hair with two slight protrusions poking through at sides(ears?small horns? i am convinced they are the slightly furred tips of pointed ears) Large, almond shaped, wide set(too wide for conventional human standards) eyes. Hair auburn, eyes irises dark with violet shimmer, light freckles across wide well defined face(across bridge of nose/cheeks). Enigmatic half smile. When I met her gaze the world became very particulate/bright/shimmered and appeared distant or translucent, and stars flowed out of her eyes and surrounded me(five pointed stars like a cartoon but infinitely brighter and real). My only thought was to follow, then i noticed she was carrying a sack or bag, literally, roughly woven of beige fiber and tied with a rope, not some fashionable handbag or shopping bag, and she had it thrown over her shoulder(there was something in it). I was there early to meet 2 good friends, it was between 7-8 AM GMT, I started following her, and had probably covered 15-20 feet when a small voice in the back of my head said ‘What about *****(name withheld)?’ I turned to look back at where i remembered the tube station and corner to be, when I turned back around she had vanished(no doors or open areas at that time and nearest street at least 50ft.+ down road). When I walked back to the tube station my two friends arrived, it was 9 AM GMT, I had taken an hour to move 15-20 ft. That was 2010 on December 7. Yesterday(November 16, 2011) at Waterloo station I realized I had started too late in the day to go to mortlake. I then saw a man appear in front of me(probably 10 ft) He was wearing a dark robe and hat/skull cap similar to dr.dee or e.kelly(tudor/elizabethan/jacobean) He had a white beard similar to dickens , but the wide set eyes of special character and pointed slightly furred ears; and the same general height of the previous being. He also was surrounded by an aura of stars similar to the one unleashed on me by previous being. He then disappeared/de-materialized right in front of me. This one was much faster and only 5-10 minutes of lost time.


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Musician in band earth. Folklore/History/Occult enthusiast, especially about British Isles.
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6 Responses to description of beings seen in the Smoke(old name for London)

  1. Eef says:

    Hello Mister Carlson!
    i like Earth and i like the blog a lot too! Can’t wait to see what’s going to be next!

    greetings from Holland


  2. Eamonn Quinn says:

    Just read the following in Peter Ackroyd’s London The Biography, Page 500:
    “There is a tradition of witches in London…Perhaps the most notorious was Mother Damnable of Camden Town, who’s cottage lay at a fork in the road where the Underground station is now to be found. In the mid-seventeenth century she was known as a healer and fortune teller with “her forehead wrinkled, her mouth wide, and her looks sullen and unmoved.” Her story is told in the Ghosts of London by J.A.Brooks”.

    • thanks for the info! I have not gotten that far in that book, still on the ackroyd book on the thames. will look for the brook’s book, also wan’t to find stoker’s book as well. drc

  3. E.Q says:
    Stoker was born in Dublin. You can visit his house in Kildare St, I think, when you are in Dublin next Month.
    Also, check out john zorn’s new string quartet: the alchemist here:

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