traveling to UK…

Will be in London(the Smoke) for 2 weeks of exploring, Camden Town, Mortlake, Atlantis, Treadwell’s, The Cecil Sharp House, and The British Library. Also doing press for upcoming earth album-‘angels of darkness/demons of light II’ due out in Feb.


About drcarlsonalbion

Musician in band earth. Folklore/History/Occult enthusiast, especially about British Isles.
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4 Responses to traveling to UK…

  1. purlygrrrl says:

    I am very much looking forward to your new album. I am a big fan of Earth– your recent show in Leeds was really moving, especially the dedication of the last song to the drummer’s cat. I am interested to read of your experiences in London. Sorry I will not be in London while you are here. I had a similar meeting with a fey being– but this was in Avebury– and through many strange twists of fate I followed her beckoning here to the UK. I live in York now. If you are ever up in this area and have a spare moment, drop me a line at my blog. (I have come over from my Feral Strumpet blog & the Mother Red Cap discussion.)

    • Thanks for the invite I am planning to be up in that area with my band earth in march, and then doing some field recordings for a solo project in april-may. I am going to be around Leeds and Durham and Yorkshire. as well as Northumberland and the borders. drc

  2. hexagon says:

    Really loved the inclusion of Blackwaterside in the set for the most recent Earth tour, and all the versions of that song family, so awesome to take it up as your own with Lori. I had been trying to learn the fingerpicking before I heard you do it, still working on it. Might we hope to hear more “Trad. Arr.” ballads from your visits to the Sharpe House? Some of those songs are so heavy! (Some of my favs: and

    Re: guitar tools, I took the liberty and wrote to Hipshot, told them they should send you one of their aftermarket string-bending units, ala Clarence White of the Byrds. They make one that requires almost no alteration of the instrument, totally customizable:

  3. Most of the Trad. Arr. (my favorite composer) will be used for solo project, but who knows. Thanks for the shout to hipshot on my behalf. I do like being able to do the steel bends without special equipment(all 2 that I have mastered), but it would be nice to do it effortlessly, and the routing would make the guitar lighter, now that my back bugs me these days, I don’t know how jerry managed those 13 1/2 pound monsters like ‘tiger’ and ‘lightning bolt’ and ‘rose’. DRC

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