it has been awhile….

extensive touring since september has led me to neglect my blog of late, hope to get back in the swing of things. earth toured australia, new zealand and japan, and drcarlsonalbion toured the uk in october, beginning in colchester and ending at supersonic in birmingham, went as far north as aberdeen, scotland. thanks to everyone who came out to the show and sorry the merchandise was not available till after the tour. the hackney lass double 7″ was available, and now 2 remixes (as it is ‘modern folklore’) through touch and the la strega and the cunning-man in the smoke is available ¬†through southern records. one other track featuring the hackney lass appeared on a cassette compilation commemorating the 400th anniversary of the pendle witch trials. earth then completed a us tour in november, and i was in the studio making a soundtrack to a german ‘western’ titled ‘gold’ directed by thomas arslan which will premiere february 9th at the berlin film festival. work begins in earnest on the coleman grey project, the may release date will probably be pushed back a bit, but there are no earth tours planned for 2013, though will be recording new album, also hopefully some new drcarlsonalbion ones as well. is now a domain and website as well. courtesy of the fine work of karla lemus. it also links to to earth and coleman grey info. and will eventually contain much more. all the best as we dig ourselves out from the apocalyptic residue of 2012 and move into 2013. drcalbion

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drcarlsonalbion and ‘virtual’ hackney lass show…


july 13th did first show playing some of the hackney lass material. lost my luddite membership card, used a laptop(horrors) with the lovely miss knights voice and some beats backing tracks, played guitar live to it. unfortunately miss knight was back in uk and unable to perform live. will be rectifying on october drcarlsonalbion tour of uk. joining me will be the hackney lass miss knight, la strega mariateresa colmonacco (teta mona), michael york, and rogier smal. the tour ends at supersonic in birmingham, england. hope to see many of those i met earlier this year again in the green and pleasant land. drc

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the hackney lass, miss rosie knight…

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completed 2 new recording projects…

finished 3 songs, 2 for touch 7″ and track for comp for 400th anniversary of pendle witch trial. drcarlsonalbion and the hackney lass (miss rosie knight) 7″ a side is ‘hackney iliad’ and the b side is ‘tyler’s hand of glory’, the comp track ‘the betrothal of alizon deuice’. i play guitar and miss knight does spoken word vocals which she wrote for the occasion. should be out hopefully same time as latitudes and for the solo uk tour, in october. relentless self promotion continues. drc

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back in former colony…

recovering in seattle from long journey in albion and some other locations. special thanks to rosie, peter and marie, penny and andrew, simon, edwin and jill, chris, andy and mr.o, lauren and louis, tim, the south bradford scouts, opie, and all the other people who made the journey so enjoyable and productive. if i have left your name off please forgive me and give an old man a break, you will all be remembered once the feeling of constant movement ceases and my brain is less addled. to all the readers and people who are so supportive of this ffayre quest (or gentle madness as some would argue) thank you. ffayre quests are supposed to end in penury and madness, let’s hope this one doesn’t, for my sake at least. have some amazing things to relate as soon as i am feeling up to it, and the cats forgive me and stop walking on my keyboard. drc

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hawthorn, or whitethorn, lancashire

hawthorn, or fairy thorn (esp. in ireland)

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fairie’s chapel, healy dell, lancashire, uk…

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gravestone from walton-le-dale…

grave from walton-le-dale churchyard

gravestone at walton-le-dale, where edward kelley was apprehended for necromancy, churchyard, not this stone.

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entrance to elfhame…

cave on the dusk water, ayrshire

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Amazing day at the Dusk Water…

Great day in the cave at the Dusk Water. Elfhame not open, but very interesting anyway. drc

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